%30 Reduce cycle time
%2 Lower your wastage rate
%10 Minimize tooling costs
What can Antivibration's self-adjusting mass-damping toolholders do to improve your machining processes?
reduce vibration

You can't eliminate vibration from machining, but you can significantly reduce it. Our STMD technology automatically adapts to the frequency targeted in the machining operation, and our vibration-damped toolholders automatically adapt to your machining operation.

Increase efficiency

You can increase speed or feed to increase productivity, as our vibration-damped toolholder products provide less scrap and higher reliability. In addition, energy consumption will be reduced due to reduced vibration during processing.

Be more cost effective

We have fixed prices and our price level is attractive because we have a simplified technology to dampen vibrations and our vibration dampened tool holder is dry from oils.

Let us know your special requirements for vibration dampened tool holders and we'll get back to you.
ACCESSIBLE WORLDWIDE A suitable solution across industries

We know you need anti-vibration tools that pass the test. Are you producing large titanium plates for the aerospace industry? Complex, finely tuned medical equipment? No matter what industry you work in or what you do, our vibration dampened tool holders help end users, distributors and more to overcome the daily challenges of vibrations in their machining processes.

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Our self-adjusting mass-damper technology (STMD) is always included in our vibration-damped tools. See how our technology reduces vibration during machining, creating outstanding results.