Vibration damping tool holders for every request

Finding the right vibration-damped tool holder for machining doesn't have to be difficult. MAQ provides tool holders with self-adjusting vibration damping. Our anti-vibration tool holders have more than a dozen length-diameter combinations for turning, milling and drilling.

30% increase production efficiency
10% reduce tooling costs

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Here we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions. For more information on damped machining tool with Self Adjusting Mass Dampers

How do I know what sizes I need?

To increase the load bearing capacity, we recommend using as large a diameter as possible with the shortest overhang for a given job. Start with the inside diameter of the workpiece and look for the diameter of the bar closest to reaching the hole. Then choose the cutter head for different types of work.

What is the lifetime of your vibration damping tool holders?

MAQ provides a two-year warranty on all our tool holders. We can also guarantee that no part of the instruments will age or leak. This is because the damped material is not a viscous liquid, but a dry mass of tungsten.

Why choose MAQ products?

What makes the MAQ stand out is the self-adjusting mass damper technology for turning and milling, which is found in all of our products. It is the only solution that automatically adjusts the frequency during the machining process.