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Our vibration-damped milling tool holders with self-adjusting mass damper™ (STMD) technology will help you reduce vibration during machining. Like our turning products, our milling cutter holders contain a mass of tungsten supported by polymer discs with frequency-dependent stiffness. De-vibe milling tool holders have a self-adjusting function that helps you overcome vibrations during machining caused by:

30% increase production efficiency
10% reduce tooling costs

Antivibration turning tool holders are:

self-adjusting - plug and play - maintenance free Click for detailed information
Groundbreaking technology

How does our STMD™ product make a difference?

Tuned mass damper tool holders are not new, but until the MAQ self-adjusting mass damper tool holders were unheard of. Our vibration-damping milling cutter holders with STMD™ technology are easy to install and easy to use. It works on any setup you have in your manufacturing facility.
You can think of it as an intelligent milling cutter holder that adapts to machining conditions in real time while allowing you to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). You will be able to shorten the production time in several ways. One is that our milling tool holders make adjustment unnecessary – they do it for you automatically!

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Antivibration stands out with its self-adjusting mass damper

Considering high volume machining operations, even the smallest percentage reductions can result in significant savings. Our STMD™ technology makes production easier and more cost-effective than the technology of other tuned mass damping tools. We can provide exceptional, fixed prices because we can reduce our production costs. We want to be an attractive alternative in the market and we offer not only our affordable prices, but also the best technology available!

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